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Ubergeek Links

Welcome to ubergeeks!

Has anyone ever called you a geek? Or do you consider yourself to be a geek? If so, then the ubergeeks community is just for you!

This community is a place for geek solidarity. Our mission is nothing short of Total World Domination. Topics of discussion will tend to focus on things that matter to geeks: geek literature, geek movies, geek TV, gaming, science, math, astronomy, history, psychology, sociology, linguistics, etymology, interesting links, Internet culture, geek websites, weird news, fanfic, famous geeks, technical support, and just about any other subject that is generally of interest to geeks. In short, ubergeeks is Geek Central.

This community is maintained by:

slyfoot: Certified Geek and Damn Proud Of It
mlfoley: Certified Geek and Muckraker
kidzero: Certified Geek Liaison and Mad Hatter

Check out the Community Information Page!
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